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MAHSA University is dedicated to providing a personalized and supportive education for every student, regardless of their background. The university's services have evolved over the years, based on feedback from stakeholders, to ensure that students have access to the necessary tools and resources for academic and personal success. MAHSA University takes pride in its inclusive community, where diversity is celebrated, and all students are valued. By joining MAHSA, students can expect to receive the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their chosen fields.

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Unlock Your Student Experience: Discover the One-Stop Hub for Enquiry, Information, and Activities at Student Central

Student Central is MAHSA's central hub for all student-related activities and enquiries. It serves as a one-stop-shop for students, providing them with easy access to information and support services, as well as a range of extracurricular activities.

At Student Central, students can access a variety of services, such as academic advising, course registration, financial aid, and career guidance. They can also obtain information on university policies, procedures, and resources. Additionally, the center provides support for students with disabilities and international students who may require assistance with visas or language proficiency.

Apart from academic services, Student Central also organizes extracurricular activities and events, such as student clubs and organizations, sports and fitness programs, and community service projects. These activities provide students with opportunities to enhance their social and leadership skills, build relationships, and develop a sense of community.

Build a Strong Foundation: Take Our Preparatory Classes and Excel in Your Studies

Preparatory classes are available to students who want a refresher course in some subject areas, or just want a head-start, before their semester commences. Preparatory classes are offered for all levels of studies and typically in subjects such as Basic Sciences, English, Mathematics, and Accounting.

Experience the World: Study Abroad Opportunities for Every Major

MAHSA University offers its students a unique opportunity to participate in various global mobility programs. These programs, which include student exchange, short mobility programs, study trips, internship exchange, and research exchange, allow students to explore new cultures, make friends from around the world, and gain a competitive edge by becoming global citizens.

Through these programs, MAHSA has partnered with various education institutions internationally, providing students with the opportunity to do a short semester, credit transfer, or a mobility program with these partner institutions. This collaboration offers students the chance to build international networks, make new friends, and gain valuable insights and experiences that can be leveraged in their future careers.

Participating in a mobility program often opens doors of opportunity for students in the global arena. It provides them with a platform to build rapport and network with potential employers, making them stand out from the crowd. Additionally, mobility programs enhance students' cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, making them more adaptable and resilient in an increasingly interconnected world. By participating in MAHSA's global mobility programs, students can broaden their horizons, gain valuable experiences, and expand their career prospects.

-Student Exchange

-Short Mobility Programme

-Study Trips

-Internship Exchange

-Research Exchange

Your Career Starts Here: Practical Skills for Success in the Workplace

MAHSA University's Professional Industry- Driven Education (P.R.I.D.E) program is a unique initiative that helps students pursue professional certification alongside their academic studies. The program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen industry. Upon enrollment in any academic program, students are automatically enrolled in the PRIDE program, which includes professional certifications curated for beginners to advanced levels and conducted during their academic study period.

-Designed with your future in mind:

The PRIDE program's globally recognized professional certificates align with the rising digital needs and growing demands of industries in the 21st century, adding value to graduates' career paths as they evolve through the demands of IR4.0.Benefits of the program:

-Boost on academic performance:

PRIDE enables students to make the best use of their digital skills to excel in their academic studies, which is crucial as education in almost all disciplines and levels is becoming digitalized around the world.

-Globally accepted certification:

The certifications under PRIDE are accepted worldwide and given by internationally recognized professional bodies like Microsoft, EC Council, Adobe, and Autodesk, providing a career gateway to the global industry.

-Enhanced employability:

A study shows that 91% of employers worldwide prefer to hire candidates with professional certification and digital abilities, along with academic qualifications. PRIDE courses sharpen digital skills and increase employment potential in emerging industries that require enhanced digital needs.

Join the Community: Building Lifelong Connections

MAHSA University offers over 30 different activities and clubs for students to choose from. These activities and clubs cater to different interests, ranging from sports and fitness clubs, music and arts clubs, academic and professional societies, and volunteer and community service clubs. Students can easily access information on all the available activities and clubs through the Student Central, MAHSA's one-stop center for students. The Student Central team is dedicated to ensuring that students are well informed about all the activities and clubs available, including meeting schedules and membership requirements. Students are encouraged to explore the various activities and clubs on offer and choose those that resonate with their interests and passions. These activities and clubs offer a great opportunity for students to make new friends, develop new skills, and enrich their university experience.

Leadership and Service: Making a Difference on Campus and Beyond

MAHSA University promotes leadership and service among its students. The university encourages volunteer opportunities as a way for students to develop important leadership skills, make a positive impact in the world, and foster a culture of social responsibility.

Here's why MAHSA University's volunteer program is a gateway to personal growth and social responsibility:

-Leadership Development:

Engaging in volunteer activities provides a unique platform for you to develop crucial leadership qualities. Whether you take on a leadership role within a project or collaborate with a team to drive change, you will enhance your communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, preparing you for leadership roles in your future endeavors.

-Positive Impact:

By joining our volunteer program, you will have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Whether it's supporting educational initiatives, promoting healthcare awareness, or participating in environmental sustainability projects, your actions will contribute to building a better world.

-Community Engagement:

MAHSA University values community engagement and encourages students to actively participate in the local community. Through volunteer activities, you will have the chance to engage with diverse communities, gain cultural insights, and develop a deeper understanding of societal challenges and needs.

-Social Responsibility:

At MAHSA University, we foster a culture of social responsibility, instilling in our students the importance of giving back to society. Engaging in volunteer work not only aligns with our core values but also empowers you to become a responsible global citizen who actively contributes to the well-being of others.

-Networking and Personal Growth:

The volunteer program offers a valuable opportunity to expand your network and forge meaningful connections with fellow students, faculty members, community leaders, and organizations. These connections can open doors to new opportunities, mentorship, and personal growth.

Building the Future: Explore the Innovation and Entrepreneurship at MAHSA

MAHSA University places great emphasis on research as a vital component of academic excellence and progress. The university provides a supportive environment for research and encourages interdisciplinary research among its faculty and students. Collaborating with other institutions and industry partners, MAHSA aims to contribute to the development of new knowledge and solutions that can benefit society.

-Start-up Ecosystem:

MAHSA University is a vibrant hub of innovation, where creativity thrives and new ventures take flight. Our campus is home to a supportive start-up ecosystem, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to help you kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.

-Incubation and Funding Support:

MAHSA University provides incubation and funding support for promising start-up ideas. Through our partnerships and initiatives, we help turn innovative concepts into viable businesses, providing you with the necessary resources and guidance to launch your venture.

-Collaborative Environment:

At MAHSA, you will be part of a vibrant and collaborative community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. You will have opportunities to collaborate on projects, participate in competitions, and engage with industry leaders and mentors.

Transforming Lives: Empowering Education through MAHSA University's Scholarship and Financial Aid Programs

At MAHSA University, we are dedicated to transforming lives through our comprehensive scholarship and financial aid programs. We believe that every deserving student should have the opportunity to pursue higher education without financial constraints.

Scholarships for Excellence: MAHSA University offers a range of merit-based scholarships to recognize and reward exceptional academic achievements, leadership qualities, and special talents. These scholarships provide deserving students with the means to excel in their chosen fields of study.

-Need-Based Financial Aid:

We understand that financial circumstances can be a barrier to education. Our need-based financial aid programs are designed to assist students who require financial support. We assess each student's situation individually to provide tailored assistance and ensure equal access to education.

-Specialized Scholarships:

In addition to general scholarships, MAHSA University offers specialized scholarships for students pursuing specific disciplines or demonstrating a commitment to specific causes. These scholarships aim to encourage students to pursue their passions and make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

-Empowering Futures:

Our scholarship and financial aid programs go beyond monetary support. We provide mentorship, career guidance, and personal development opportunities to empower students to achieve their goals and succeed in their academic and professional journeys.

Investing in Communities: By offering scholarships and financial aid, MAHSA University invests in building a diverse and inclusive community. We believe that an inclusive educational environment enhances learning and fosters innovation, preparing students to thrive in a global society.

From Classroom to Boardroom: Networking Opportunities for Students

At MAHSA, we are proud of our 10,000 plus alumni from more than 70 different nationalities. Regardless of where your career takes you, we hope that your relationship with MAHSA University continues beyond campus life.

Unlock the Benefits of Being a MAHSA Alumni:

-Networking Opportunities:

As a MAHSA alumnus/alumna, you gain access to a vast network of professionals from various industries. Connect with fellow alumni, attend networking events, and build valuable relationships that can open doors to exciting career prospects.

-Career Advice:

Our dedicated alumni network and career services team are here to support you even after graduation. Benefit from personalized career guidance, job placement assistance, and valuable insights from experienced professionals who can help shape your career path.

-Industry Talks:

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments through exclusive industry talks organized by MAHSA University. These sessions provide valuable insights from experts and thought leaders, giving you a competitive edge in your chosen field.

-Continued Learning Opportunities:

As a MAHSA alumnus/alumna, you can engage in continuous professional development by participating in workshops, seminars, and webinars hosted by the university. Expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and stay ahead in your career.

-Lifelong Support:

MAHSA is committed to providing lifelong support to its alumni. Benefit from ongoing access to resources, library facilities, and other university services to support your personal and professional growth throughout your journey.Join the ever-growing community of successful MAHSA alumni and unlock these valuable benefits that will propel your career forward.

The Path to Academic Excellence Begins Here

The diverse international student body at MAHSA University provided an intellectually stimulating environment, perfectly suited for the Bachelor of Dentistry program. The utilization of the latest state-of-the-art teaching equipment, combined with a British-based curriculum, offered me an exceptional learning experience. MAHSA University stood out as my top choice due to its strong partnership with the General Hospital of Kuala Lumpur, the largest public hospital in Malaysia. The Bachelor of Dentistry program poses significant challenges, but with the unwavering support from the academic team, I am confidently embarking on my journey to become a skilled dentist.


Doctor of Dental Surgery

Graduate of 2017

A Transformational Journey

Studying at MAHSA University has given me the opportunity to embark on an education that provides me with the skills required to be a successful graduate. The lecturers and facilities at the university are geared to providing the best academic experience. MAHSA also helps in continuous education and I am now pursuing my degree. I look forward to completing it successfully with the guidance of a wonderful team of lecturers and their dedicated industry collaborators.


Bachelor In Electrical and Electronic Engineering Alumni

Graduate of 2020

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MAHSA University Graduates are Leading the Way in Every Field! Whether in healthcare, business, engineering, technology or beyond, our graduates have made significant contributions to their industries and communities. With a strong emphasis on practical learning and real-world experience, MAHSA is committed to preparing its graduates to be leaders in their fields and agents of positive change in society. Our innovative programs, state-of-the-art facilities and expert faculty, provide students with the tools they need to succeed and excel in any field. Join us at MAHSA and become part of a proud tradition of excellence, leadership and Full Width service.

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